Shreyas Hariharan

Shreyas Hariharan

How crypto will reorient society
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Shakti Goap

Shakti Goap, who is the founder of Devfolio and ETHIndia, passed away few days back due to COVID.

How to Structure a Protocol's Treasury

How should a protocol like Uniswap or Compound structure its treasury? This post covers the principles of protocol treasury management, fiscal policy, asset allocation, ways to diversify the treasury, and responsibilities of a treasury committee.

Investing as Entertainment

There is a primal demand for extreme sports type thrills in finance. This includes cryptocurrencies, Tesla stock, S\&P put options, and liquidity mining. Investing is a form of entertainment like riding a roller coaster or watching a horror movie. The ticket fee you are paying is in the form of possible investment losses.

Asset Light in the Physical World. Asset Heavy in the Digital World.

This essay was published on Forefront.

Pseudonymous Reputation

How do you build a pseudonymous reputation that is not tied to any particular platform and portable across platforms? The only satisfactory answer today is building a reputation based on your on-chain history.

Pseudonymous Identity

"If we are going to pursue biological longevity, we should allow a diversity of lives to be lived." - GPT3.

Crypto Community Treasuries

Crypto treasuries are typically thought to be transparent. But if a community member needs to spend several hours digging through Etherscan, Snapshot, and Discourse to get a summary of the treasury’s activities over the past month, is the transparency useful?

Social Tokens

We’ve had an explosion of online communities. Social tokens add a monetary layer to these communities, which can help distribute ownership, improve governance, reward active contributors, and much more. I like an analogy that Eric Ruleman came up with in a conversation - being involved in a social token community feels like running a college club that could scale to nation-state.

Crypto and Society

We have tools to communicate with billions of people but our tools to coordinate with people haven’t kept up with this. It has been over twelve years since Satoshi published the Bitcoin whitepaper. Since then, we’ve had several successful experiments in human coordination. It is clear to me that crypto will re-orient society. It will affect how people think, feel, and live.